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» Installation of new menu strips for EM 90/99 and VC210 controllers

** For safety reasons it is recommended that menu strips be replaced by an accredited service agent
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  1. Switch off controller and power on fryer.
  2. Remove two screws that hold the black bezel in place.
  3. Remove controller from fryer by unclipping molex plugs.
  4. Clean area which holds the controller.
  5. Remove the aluminum tape.
  6. Carefully lift the overlay off the entire face of the controller. It is advisable and easier to replace the overlay at this stage if necessary.
  7. Remove old menu strip.
  8. Remove any excess oil or dirt on the controller by using a suitable cleaning agent. Do not immerse in water or use excessive amounts of water only a slightly damp cloth.
  9. Ensure controller is completely dry and free of any dirt.
  10. Peel off back of new menu strip.
  11. Align new menu strip with the corresponding buttons on the controller.
  12. Push down firmly.
  13. Peel off backing of new overlay or replace old overlay being careful to align it correctly on the controller face.
  14. Replace aluminum tape around controller ensuring that there is a tight seal.
  15. Place controller back into fryer by reconnecting molex plugs, ensuring power is still off.

» Controller Fault and Maintenance Diagnostics

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If controller appears faulty:

Check power supply to controller and fryer, is it turned on?
If probe is flashing ask service agent to check probes
Check that contactor is clicking in and out when calling for heat
Take the suspected broken controller out of the fryer and plug it into another working fryer. If the controller works correctly the problem is then the fryer and not the controller
Always check set points on controller and ensure they are correct
Check that calibration has not been set incorrectly
Only allow a trained person to change set points on a controller


Wipe controller with a damp cloth and detergent daily
Wipe immediately if oil is spilt on the controller face
Inspect overlay of controller regularly for damage or breakages, and send immediately for repairs before more expensive internal damage is caused

» Troubleshooting

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